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Company Profile Branston Aerobic treatment of factory waste and AD effluent treatment
Company Profile Daniels Foods, Kent - Fruit juice manufacturing effluent Treatment plant
Company Profile Membrane tanks at Kettle produce, Fife – Vegetable processing waste waters
Company Profile Pepsico Walkers Crisps Skelmersdale - Effluent treatment Plant

MSE Systems specialise in the design, construction and installation of complete waste water treatment plants for a wide range of industry sectors from beverage and food to sewage and waste water.

Whether your solution calls for a conventional treatment process or is to involve a more modern Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) type system, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of process design and project engineers will deliver the correct solution for the specific needs of your plant.

We can Design, Build, and if required Operate & maintain under contract, turnkey effluent treatment plants for the recycling and re use of water.

Sustainability in all our activities including energy efficiency, renewable energy from wastewater and water re-use solutions will ensure the optimal efficiency of your new effluent treatment plant.

With our many years of combined experience gained in technologies such as - screening, pumping, pipework, storage, mixing, aeration, maceration, physio-chemical treatment, biological treatment, dosing, settling, clarifiers, dewatering, filtration, UV, Ozone, reverse osmosis (RO), Dissolved air floatation (DAF), process instrumentation monitoring and control you can be certain of a clear solution to your effluent treatment needs.

  • Aerobic treatment of effluents and Industrial waste waters
  • Membrane bio reactor systems using Mitsubishi Hollow fibre membranes
  • Water re-use / recycling systems
  • Fully automated turnkey systems
  • Physio chemical pre-treatment DAF/Lamella/Clarifier separation
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Micro Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Chlorination and UV treatment
  • Certifiable for Enhanced Capital Allowance
  • Pilot plants available for on-site trials