MSE Systems are specialists in providing effluent and waste water treatment solutions, working at the forefront of the industry to provide cost effective, sustainable solutions to the industrial, food processing, municipal and chemical industries.

Whether your requirement calls for a conventional treatment process or is to involve a more modern Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) type system, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of process design and project engineers will deliver the correct solution for the specific needs of your plant.

Working with our specialist partners - RWB Afvalwater and Mitsubishi Rayon Company and using modern Membrane BioReactor Technology, we are dedicated to providing our clients with bespoke, reliable processes using modern up to date technologies such as the Sterapore Hollow Fibre Membrane system.

The combination of a very high rate biological treatment and Micro - Filtration, all in one process phase, results in a compact, highly efficient plant when compared to conventional Activated Sludge Treatment.

With the experience gained from over 2,000 Mitsubishi references Worldwide and our own in house team of engineers, we are able to deliver innovative but proven designs, utilising the "Best Available Technology" within a compact user friendly and practical layout which will give excellent whole life costs.